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Journey to relearning coding

That title seems misleading because in fact I am back to baby steps. Before biochemical engineering in my life there was once computer science . (A memory and decisions that reveal to me grit is something I developed and strengthened over time) We are constantly developing with time and the person you are today is a result of so many combinations of things , yet the person you are today is not boxed. Not taking a chance yesterday doesn’t spell out the end of the road.

During my sparetime at university I divulged in taking on web designing, content management systems and studying software.  I  simply did it for fun – yet these moments I always felt excited about the possibilities and I look back and taking on biochemical engineering allowed me to think in different dimensions. Having switched majors I promised I would devote time to taking two programming languages  – C++, and C. Yet perhaps that wasn’t enough.

“If someone had told me that computer science had more to do with humanity – I would have taken more than a mere two semesters of programming.” so here we go again trying to add to the little I still remember from the C++ and C classes. Anybody want to join me? Imagine coders who have different backgrounds other than computer science. Where knowing code is an extra:)

“The magic will happen when we are all on the same page collaborating and building something together.”

Today dedicating time to going back to the basics, and relearning programming and sharing this adventure – looking forward to you joining me – #letslearnprogramming embarking on learning 3 more languages during these months {python,Java and php}

Starting with java.

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