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Not to self!

DO you remember the last time you  wrote new years resolutions? I don’t remember – but this time here is a narrowed list of only 3 things: and not resolutions promises to self!

– your word shall be golden. you ain’t saying yes to nothing you are not going to commit yourself to doing or even close to seeing yourself doing! if you say the magic words (yes , I am in , count on me etc ) – you will Try to make it happen. Say no when you don’t want to or can’t.

– Achievements and Performance shall be based on Results vs obstacles. The word obstacle shall never exist! You didn’t read that – THE WORDS I COULDN’T BECAUSE …shall never be the beginning of words that come out of your mouth – unless it will be paired with solution at all times or else refer to further thinking till solutions can be paired with obstacles.  Try – “I did X to my best, and I was thinking that Y could be done like this and I know XX is good at doing this ” Performance shall be based on results of creating wealth for yourself and others (money,meaning and freedom) It shall always be based on results and what is measurable on the table.

– commitment! throwing yourself wholeheartedly at the things that mean something to you. To fully see the magic of what it means to be wholesomely invested in the things you care about.No more bread crumbs in life (those puppy dog blessings) because you were simply at the right place at the right time. When you throw yourself at your dreams and invest everything that is within you, you will realize that Investments are not for everywhere/everything – being nice and investing in meaningful relationships and things are two different things.  You will be kind to everyone but the friends and the family that have you whole being invested in them because you care shall know it – when they call you will be there- when they need someone to listen – you will be there in all ways possible – they will have your back and together you will grow and know the fruits of commitment and reciprocity- never will you judge them but you will be fully honest at all times becauseyou are fully invested to see them prosper! There shall be no relationship without reciprocity!

“YOU will live – make your mark –  erase all the could have been or could be because the potential was locked behind the fear of commitment – fear to fail or be judged. Remove that possibility of bread crumb blessings because there has never been a time you were fully invested in anything (those moments you say -“yea I will see if that works” and when it stops working you jump off the ship)  when you are committed to make things work – your breathing means you doing what it takes to see to it that its working) – Throw your whole being into driving your dreams – Do not forsake responsibility and be accountable for your actions – that choice you make again and again”

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