Young Africa

The old men and women ( tata /our grandfathers and grand mothers ) – there is not a wave of doubt that they are the heroes that emancipated the first wave of the freedom of Africa – they fought for political freedom – yet our role is to now fight for economic freedom of Africa and maintain peace and justice in our sovereign States while ensuring every African can exercise their political freedom.  There is no question about this – we know we must do this – and we must act with urgency, courage and conviction! This is our role as young Africa and I will stick to that!

Wake up young Africa, Wake Up! There is this double edged sword when it comes to empowering Africa. The world doesn’t owe us the privilege to exercise freedom and claim our African heritage. We owe ourselves that! It is time to carry our African identity with dignity. To remove the shame and pity that racism has planted in our garden – we must uproot the weeds in our garden because for the next years the people of Africa shall reap a pitiful harvest while the weeds are taking up a lot of space! They must be uprooted – not violently least we reap the good crops in this field.

We have the land of Africa in our hands – let us be vigilant gardeners wherever we are.

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