The world of Risks

Risk taking has been in my blood for years – yet there is something so profound about the manner in which the years have evolved this risk taking process. Jumping into risks is like driving in fog blindfolded – Fear hovers like the fog and the unknown is always there. Yet what evolves is the decision to take away the blindfold – strategy is  a big part of how to keep driving and get to the end successfully yet its not enough and relying on strategy is freezing part of your assets – There is the faith to see through every risk you commit to with a positive attitude. Fear is inevitable. The risk taker knows too well this anxiety – yet what follows this spasmodic emotions must be faith. “Its done – there will be unexpected changes on the way – believe the jump will take you somewhere awesome”

I have learnt to not be just a risk taker to reap a harvest but rather to exhaust  possible outcomes given you jump – then to make that leap of faith accepting that where-ever you land is not a forever clause. There is the pre risk phase followed by the risk itself then the post risk phase. All of them phases of regeneration of something new whilst in the process degeneration of fear occurs as the unknown becomes apparent. All this in Faith and with a positive attitude.

“you can do it – believe it”

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