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What makes you great?

A position doesn’t make you – you make a position.

A title doesn’t describe everything about you – nor does a role you play.

Your employment can never pay you your true worth.

Don’t let anybody play you – play yourself!

Don’t let anybody tell you what you can acquire

Set the bar high for yourself

Your money doesn’t change you – you transform money.

Your clothes don’t make you – you make clothes look good.

You don’t have a soul – you are a soul.

Your greatest wealth is in your soul!

Your spirit already has the substance of greatness!

That’s your treasure …

You are not your body – but you carry the body

You are more than meets the eyes

You are not a victim of circumstances

Let others do them but do you…

Make your spirit strong!


#Monday Word for greatness

“you can do all things through him who strengthens you”

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