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Building Healthy Relationship Circles

The circles

There are things that we learn about life along the way of life. A lot of these things start with the “you” principle rather than the blindest and glances to “others”. Yet despite the acknowledgement that integrity with self is an important factor to healthy development of not just an individual but the interaction of individuals with others, a lot of the times we find ourselves in the finger pointing game or covering the true core of our beings through fakeness. Most times we don’t get to the core of who we truly are in order to be able to share the seed within us be it in a professional or personal circle.

However the beginning of every healthy relationship circle starts with us as the common denominator in the circles we choose to interact in. Thus requiring us to begin with the “me” core in all professional and personal relationships. Our circles all begin with our personal spaces. Knowing more about this space is important. Being a better you within this space becomes critical to allow better synergy with others. Good fruit in a bad mix spoils the taste and bad fruit is highly likely to quickly spoil the good one if put into one basket. Every healthy relationship has got to be a win-win. In life as a whole we are multiplied and influential/influenced through these powerful and healthy synergies in relationships. It is not just in careers, families or friendships but in our interaction with our environment and God as well – every relationship we have influences us in some way!

As you grow older friendships start weighing much more and need to add value while being very realistic. The realistic bit requires defining various levels of interaction involved in relationships coupled with a good judgment of self in this communication cycle. In my lifetime I have met so few people who weren’t afraid of what the society thought about them and their circles and were stable with what was important to them. A lot of us find ourself in yoyo transitions before we reach the full blown truth by assessing ourself and what’s important! Truly the most powerful thing ever has been when people are not afraid anymore to be the people they really are ( 100% authenticity ), to be seen standing up for what they find right and to stick to their judgments without wavering – where their yes is a yes and a no is a no – there certainly can be no in betweens and fence sitters in character. The society has done so well in pulling strings to draw people away from things that are regarded as unusual, impossible or just uncool. But how natural can our society be with these rules. Authenticity needs to be the rim to our circle networks. Don’t be afraid to reveal your true self and find people who match that profile.

Truly if we would be real with our friends, co-workers and family – we would move a step closer to better relationships in complete honesty. Not only would we have healthy work places, families and friendships but we would get to the core of who we are to enjoy the fullness of being and life thereof.

 Here is to healthy circles and synergies!

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