Leaning in together

In a world that pushes us to maximize on division and our differences it’s refreshing and necessary to find common ground for any sustainable positive impact.

Recently sat down with a group of very different yet strikingly amazing women who all shared a common purpose to simply come together and inspire each other.

Beyond discussing the opportunities as well as the hurdles we face as women, we agreed on some actions to ensure we were driving positive change while also leaning in to be the best version of ourselves.

Below you will see the nitty gritty details we all committed to at the end of the session.

1. Commitment to Share more knowledge openly
Openly contribute to others success  
2. Voice what we can do more fiercely as men do 🙂 
Being proactive and vocal about what you need and want in situations.
3. Build a solid common Ground and good network
Continuing to be a connector by connecting with the peoples core  
4. To practice – whilst thinking out of the Box of what limits us
To start to see beyond limitations or what people think of us /how we define ourselves/ what we believe people define of us.
5. To work with the force by finding a common ground.
Ensure we work or maximise on shaping unified goals/positive outlooks of scenarios 
6. Focus not only on hard skills but the critical soft skills 
Social skills will take you a longer way if you remain curious to learn throughout the journey.
7. Commitment to celebrate other Women more often.
Instead of bitching and spending energy on competing against, will take time to empower & support each other by celebrating the achievements we see in others.
If these inspire or move you, then go ahead and pick your commitment action – let’s lean right in together.

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