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Lean Into 2020 through the power of two “skillsets of the future”…

For those who count time in quarters — it is that acclaimed period where most businesses start sharing, have shared or will share the first quarter 2020 pictures and in some cases this has been postponed. Fortunately or unfortunately things this year have been quite a roller coaster to everyone in every single corner of the world; so it is valid to say, “goodbye quarterly reviews and hello day by day reflections.” If you are still even counting weeks — go you! and great work at being a super human. 

“It is fair to say that the last weeks have been a roller coaster for everyone: meanwhile lets all fasten the seatbelts. While at it, lets also exchange those weekly , monthly or quarterly historic reviews with constant listening and intention reviewing”

How have you and others around you been impacted so far? What new challenges or joys are you facing? What lessons are you drawing from the current events? 

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One of the growing discussions the last days has been on minimizing the tone deafness to the numerous differences in experiences across the globe stemming from the different backgrounds of each individual. By doing this ensuring that we take the right measures that acknowledge the complexities and various challenges being faced by each group of individuals. This, I strongly believe calls us to reflect on the type of mindset that will not only keep us afloat but ensure we are successful in any unpredictable environment; which to be honest is the roller coaster we are all partaking in right now. Below two shift areas I have been reflecting on the last days :

  1. 360° Listening 

If you ask me what the top skillset of the future is — without blinking an eye I would say its listening .A lot of times this skill is quite mis-interpreted. What does it really mean: to listen? The Cambridge definition says its “to give attention to someone or something in order to hear him, her, or it”. 

Are we listening enough to every minute in our life? More than ever in 2020 this is something on the top of my list to tune up. One of the books I would highly recommend during these times is “the people factor”. “Every connection we have influences our lives. There are no neutral relationships.”- That is the people factor. As times are rapidly changing, are we tuning into the connections we have and acknowledging whats going on around us as well in the lives of others. As a business or individuals are we, after listening responding effectively based on what we are hearing or noticing around us. Here again, one can only respond effectively if one was tuned in 360°. I will write on this in another round as I feel strongly about the topic.

If you would freeze a minute and play it back again- would you be able to draw and expand your point of view as well as deduce your next minutes actions from this. So often we are not listening enough, not only to others but also to ourselves and the environment.

2. Intention reviewing 

It would be unfair to simply talk about one side of the coin of listening without bringing up the chaperone skill — intention setting. Given you are all listening 360° to all dimensions ( self and others which both have various levels to them as well as the environment),how do you choose what to act on for yourself? As we are shifting from static reviews to holistic listening, there is an abundance of information that suddenly needs to be sieved and here if intentions are missing, the wrong sieve is in place and again it reduces how effective the year will progress.

Particulary in March this year , I was concerned about being driven or even forced to constantly react to the numerous information and things outside my control. Which to be honest was some of the cases. Lockdown reflections resulted in an aha moment on setting intention. A lot of times we speak of goals that will not be successful because of the current status, however if we dig deeper have found that in some of the cases the intention behind the goal is sometimes missing. Yes, those hashtag 2020 goals could be completely messed up. Fair enough. However, what is the intention behind the goals? 2020 is more than ever the year to live each day with intention. Through our intentions is an outcome that we own regardless of things that are outside of our control — we alone are the drivers of our intention which makes it a beautiful constant in driving our life. 

Though the times or environment might waver, our intention solid as rock remains unscorched in trying times. 2020 is the year to truly shift from goal setting to intention setting and reviewing

What about you ? What lessons are you drawing from the current events? 

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