Hi there, thanks for stopping by this site.

This site is a place created to inspire us all to shape the future of work, it is for those working in business and stem (particularly women) , its touching on Leadership and African development and all things business. It is about inspiring the future to empower more and more people to be enabled to make a difference.

I believe in a world where women and marginalised groups can be found at the table. Where everyone is enabled and has a chance to fulfil their highest purpose. I am determined to engage with more and more women, Businesses and young people in dialogues that matter to propel our society to become a better ground in growing women, young people and marginalised groups.

Secondly, as millennials – we are set to be more than half of the workforce of the future.  We live in a times where most generations have never experienced what is currently happening today. As times rapidly change, this also means we must be more responsible and cautious about how we influence the spaces we engage in. Given that we are likely to spend more than half of our lives in various workplaces – it is without doubt that channelling energy to inspire the future of work is a must. In order to see the world evolve into a positive space that is fit for everyone, particularly women and our youngest people – discussions around the future of work need to be more dynamic to challenge the current status quo that are stalling progress towards better businesses.