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Lean Into 2020 through the power of two “skillsets of the future”…

For those who count time in quarters — it is that acclaimed period where most businesses start sharing, have shared or will share the first quarter 2020 pictures and in some cases this has been postponed. Fortunately or unfortunately things this year have been quite a roller coaster to everyone in every single corner of the world;… Read More Lean Into 2020 through the power of two “skillsets of the future”…

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The Obscrued African Development

“Freedom is meaningless if people cannot put food in their stomachs, if they can have no shelter, if illiteracy and disease continue to dog them.” ~ Nelson Mandela A 2010 Edition of Development organisations in Africa listed over 60000 organisations that were working towards African development.  Among them including the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) which was founded… Read More The Obscrued African Development

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Future of Young Africa

CONVINCED that Africa’s greatest resource is its youthful population and that through their active and full participation, Africans can surmount the difficulties that lie ahead. Meanwhile several bodies (both international and African) keep discussing the future of the young people of Africa in our absence … I still don’t see the purpose of signing bills… Read More Future of Young Africa