Meet Wisinomad Inc what it means for AFRICA?

When most companies speak of flexibility within the job – it mostly means you are allowed to plan your check in and checkout times in a flexible way as long as the job gets done. In some cases, it also means you get the opportunity to do home office there and then if your job allows it.

Now let us talk about the new flexible work places. Sir Richard Branson recently introduced a new vacation policy. which most companies would drop their jaw at. He removed the duration tab on holidays – which means if you are the lucky virgin employee you can take holidays whenever you need to as long you get your work done! While Paul James , global brand leader for Starwood’s St. Regis, Luxury Collection and W Hotels emphasized a completely different work-life balance model – a combination of business and leisure. “You take a long vacation with the family, and use that time to do whatever you need to do,” said Paul James “The truth is despite which working styles companies choose to adopt – the nature of work is changing. You can’t just clock off and take two weeks anymore.”

This is just an iceberg of the revolution of work environments bull dozing the future of work. With the rise of the digital era, remote working is without doubt the rising trend as a new lifestyle or rather workstyle. According to intuit, By 2020, over 40% of the US workforce will be in some way freelancing.

Imagine all the beautiful spots in the world you can travel to and work at the same time. With Africa remaining one of the most attractive places to visit not only because of the aura of its people and the nature, but also for the rising tech world within this least explored realm. When Mark Zuckerberg , CEO of Facebook, starts visiting Africa you know there is something there. The future will be built in Africa, Facebook FB -1.15% CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in Nigeria.

It is no wonder Wisinomad is opening its doors to working nomads across the globe to come explore the African continent and be inspired while working and co-living with other nomads.

My friend once told me that he had no official desk at his current workplaces because his company leadership was inspired to force employees to interact with other beyond the various functions – so he would literally shift his workplace every day. I would go insane! He even had a mobile mini shelf for convenience 😉 Imagine having no desk at all – imagine the African continent as your virtual desk where you get to interact with so many different people from various backgrounds. How cool is that!

Wisinomad Inc, founded and co-ordinated by a team of native Africans who understand the African countries eco-system offers internationals and African companies who hire remotely an opportunity to have a workation of a lifetime in Africa ( work + a vacation = workation ). If you join their excursions you get to co-live and work with a pool of top tech master nomads. Additionally, you will indirectly champion eco-entrepreneurship, contribute to wildlife conversation and gain a wider understanding of the local African socioeconomic dynamics.

In 2018 the Wisinomad Team will be hosting nomads to work and travel across Kenya, Rwanda and Botswana. For Africa, it opens up doors beyond Tech-hub spaces. Remote working means lower costs for businesses, more flexibility and higher productivity. Its the new way of working for many tech junkies across the globe. It definitely opens up a job market for Africans and internationals who are restricted by geography. Find out more at