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Not to self!

DO you remember the last time you  wrote new years resolutions? I don’t remember – but this time here is a narrowed list of only 3 things: and not resolutions promises to self! – your word shall be golden. you ain’t saying yes to nothing you are not going to commit yourself to doing or… Read More Not to self!


“whites only careers?”

“whites only careers?” Why arent we seeing the figures rising for people of color …? There are a lot of cards and moves that race plays in this. A lot of things come to mind, but are these valid excuses … and when is that time for the next phase for people of color


climb the steep slope

Most say the first climb during your first working years is the steepest. Especially in the STEM functions. Your brain seems to be at a slight halt as you learn the know – how of industry. And once that slope is complete its  rejuvenated.  The brain needs to always be working. So keep climbing that steep… Read More climb the steep slope