Writing Collections

Having worked and travelled across several countries in different continents  —  one thing has been constant. Every where I was, hearing and telling stories was THE one most powerful way to learn and also share about the different cultures across the world. I have heard and read so many facets of the African story. I have heard the bad which many people know, I know all too well the sick children and uneducated people page; I have also heard the extreme happy side of joyful poor people with beautiful resources and colourful language. Hidden between the lines of these pages – are normal peoples` stories and echoes of our ancestors who didn’t get to pass on the rich culture and history to the people.

It has certainly taken me long to embrace who I am, and I am still savouring what that means. What that means for my writings, is that I am able to share snippets of my culture and where I come from in short stories. I am thankful to those who trust me with their story and all those I learn from. I love magnifying stories that have been relevant to my journey of growth, in the hope that these too will speak to someone as they did to me.

I also write about Business and Leadership, because I could never have imagined what awaited me and still awaits me today. From a work place culture shock in my own motherland continent to expating across the world and diving into the bureaucracy of work permits to discovering jobs that would teach me and direct me towards living my true passions to contribute to society and continue to grow; all that whilst embracing every single experience from the success to the mistakes — embracing everything – I write. When I do write and In my writings I am alive.

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Clare Rudo